How we started Sasba Trends🤩

I am a 22 year old stay at home mom I recently got laid off in February while on parental leave due to Covid 19.The idea of Sasba Trends started when my mom came to me and suggested working from home and to be business partners rewind to a few months ago with a few trial and error, from trying to sell clothing to makeup that just never ended up working for us or peak our interest in what we enjoy. That is when we decided on candles and bath products it happened when we got our first snowfall, i was just thinking about how cozy it is to light a good smelling candle in a clean home with movies playing snuggled up on the couch with a fuzzy blanket, taking a warm bath with your favourite bath scents to unwind from the long day you had that is when i brought up the idea to my mom and we both agreed!

We have a bunch of ideas coming for Sasba Trends just bare with us as we are trying to perfect everything for you guys. 🥰

Thank you for checking us out and supporting us through this time!

Our candle wax is made from natural coconut wax blended with soy, palm and paraffin.

Benefits of our wax blend


-Burns cleaner and burns for longer

-Excellent scent throw

*Due to Covid 19 we are taking extra precaution to ensure your goods arrive to you sterilized*